Facebook Timeline Textures

Now if Facebook would allow us to modify the entire look of our individual profiles I’d be a very happy camper…but for now at least we are able to modify the large photo at the top of our profiles!

So to get the creative juices flowing on how to maximize the use of that area I’ve created a few textures you can use as starting points for your images.

Add photo frames with photos of friends and family, add a photo of your dream vacation spot, heck use the background to create an new image based on the dream you had last night! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

So download the Timeline textures, fire up Photoshop or whatever program you use, create a new work of art and show it off big and large on your Facebook Profile! 

Example: In Photoshop start with a background texture, Next add a photo to the layer above the texture. Then adjust the photo layer using the filter that gives you the result you are looking for – soft-light, multiply, or hard light. Try each of the different filter options, how the texture and photos will blend together will depend on the contrast of each of the images. Be sure to adjust the opacity level for the filter so the texture comes through a lot or just a little. Save as a jpg and upload as your Facebook “cover”.

Another Example using the same texture, but in this case the color of the texture was also changed. This is the image that I currently have on my profile!

All Facebook Timeline texture kits are now available in the fantastic new online shop — Creative Market/PhotoMelange!

There are also assorted small (4 items) texture kits, web site starter kits… check them out!