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Copyright 2016 Susan Weller All Rights Reserved.

photomelange fine art texture

Copyright 2016 Susan Weller All Rights Reserved.

February 2016 Free Fine Art Texture!

This new fine art texture can be used as part of your commercial and personal artwork.  This texture is not for sale and should not be sold.

The jpg file is 300 dpi and measures 3600 pixels wide x 2700 pixels tall or 12″ x 9″ if you don’t speak pixel (hahah!).

This texture was created earlier this month but didn’t get a chance to upload it until now. Can’t really remember how I created it but as usual all my textures are based on my own photos. Lately as you know I’ve been messing around with Topaz Impression to see what added dimensions I can add to the photo collages and more than likely used that here as well.

I created the image on the left, called Leaf Me Alone using a photo I had taken of a fallen leaf that was originally part of a still life shot.

Enjoy using the texture!

Please do not share the file directly, and please do not add my texture file to a package you intend to distribute for free or on that you or anyone else intends to sell. Please feel free to invite your texture loving friends to this site for free textures and tutorials!

All texture files are owned by Susan Weller • All Rights Reserved.