PhotoMelange Digital Textures/Texture Files: Terms of Use

Basically… use the texture but do not share or distribute the texture file.

All textures, templates, overlays, or other products purchased and/or downloaded from PhotoMelange are protected by copyright.

Susan Weller is the owner of all rights to the textures available for download on this site. I am the only person authorized to display, sell and distribute the Photomelange texture files.

You are allowed to use textures downloaded from this site as PART of your work – you can display, sell and distribute the work you create according to your own terms.

My terms only cover the texture files and my own images. textures purchased on Creative Market may be used on artwork you intend to sell, please see the terms of use link in the shop and the text file included with each download.

Restrictions on what you can do with my texture files – the jpg file itself: 

Please do not share PhotoMelange texture files  “as is”.

Please do not use the file in the creation of any stock artwork.

Please do not use the file for the creation of scrapbook materials.

Please do not share or re-sell any PhotoMelange Digital Textures – contact me if you would like to sell them on your site.

Please do not make derivative textures, brushes, backgrounds, scrapbook items or any type of graphic resource using any PhotoMelange Digital Texture.

Please do not use any PhotoMelange textures as part of the design of an app or as part of the feature or display of an app. Contact me first.

Links or credits to the textures are not required—though always appreciated where appropriate.

I reserve the right to update or modify these terms as any time.

If you are interested in using my artwork for a project – ie: books, magazines, large group projects etc., please contact me.

Please visit SusanWellerDesignStudios for more information about my services.

All artwork created by Susan Weller is subject to copyright regardless of whether or not a copyright mark is displayed.

All artwork on this site is owned by Susan Weller – All Rights Reserved.