Drop In folded cards

DropIn Folded Cards are the same size as a business card – 3.5″wide x 2″ high.


Drop them in your shipping packages, drop them in your gift bags! And ask your customers to “drop in” next time they need your products or services!

Drop In Cards!

Our brand new Drop In Cards measure 3.5″ wide x 2″ high, the same small, handy size as a business card. But we take them one step further! We make these a folded card that allow you to add a handwritten note on the inside!

A great business promotion tool for anyone who ships products or has a retail shop!

These small Drop In cards can be dropped into packages, bags, and letters. They can be folded into notes, tucked into books, accompany your products, or accent displays. And anything else your creative mind can imagine!

  • Personalize the front with your logo, and even add a short tagline if you please.
  • Personalize the back with 2 lines of your logo and contact information.

Inside you can leave room for a handwritten note thanking shoppers for their business, and asking them to “drop in” again. Or we can personalize a message inside for you to sign!