Terms, Conditions, Shipping, Volume Orders, Artwork and Logo Requirements

Terms and Conditions

Overview: All our products are designed with love, care, and attention to detail right here in our studio. Small orders – under 50 – for note cards, gift card holders and drop-in cards can be printed, cut, scored, and folded by hand in our studio. Larger orders – (51+) – can also be created here in our studio, but you have the option to lower the cost per card by having us use a commercial printer.

One envelope is provided for each card we print. Downloadable files do not include an envelope.

Downloaded PDF files cards and printed products are not returnable.

Printing Larger Orders/Volume Orders: A cost effective option is to have your larger orders printed commercially. We work with a commercial printing company who can print and ship your order directly to you. Using a commercial printer also gives you more options: different types of paper, edge to edge printing (no borders on note cards), as well as different paper coatings and a faster turn around time. Contact us for estimates!

Personalized Orders: Information for the backs of your cards will be copied directly from the form you submit with your order. We cannot be held responsible for inaccurate information on your form. Please proof-read your text before sending your order. If you find that you have made an error, please contact us with the corrected information as soon as possible. We will reprint your cards with the correct information at the original cost per card. But, we will ship them back to you at no charge, after all, everyone makes mistakes! If we did something incorrectly, we will reprint your cards and send them back to you at no charge.

Shipping: All orders are sent USPS. Orders at this time are only available for delivery within the US. Cards will be printed and sent within 4-5 business days, though commercial printing may be 2 or 3 days. If you need the cards sooner, please contact us or leave a note on the order form, and we will get back to you with a completion date and any new shipping information. If you would like a different shipping method, please contact us. In addition, leave a note on your order form and we will get back to you ASAP.

Privacy: We value privacy. We will not share any information or logo artwork you provide to us, they will be held for repeat orders unless otherwise directed.

Using Artwork or Logos on The Back

note card with my logo on back

Artwork or Logo added to Back:
Due to copyright restrictions, you must OWN or have written permission from the copyright holder to use artwork or a logo on your cards.

If you have an artist’s permission to use artwork on the back, we require a printed letter sent to us from the copyright owner.  If you have permission to use another company’s logo on the back, we require a printed letter from the copyright owner (the artist or the company, whomever owns the logo).

If you have a file do not know who the copyright holder is or cannot find them, we will not print the artwork. Files downloaded from Google images, from someone’s website or social media will not be accepted. Our suggestion is to find someone who can create original artwork for you. You can even ask us –we will create original artwork for you. Or find a local artist; there are many, many fantastic artists who may be able to create exactly what you’re looking for!

Volume Orders

Volume Orders – 51+ and up: If you are interested in a large volume order, please contact us with the card name or names, and the quantity for each card, gift card holder or drop in card. We will provide a printing estimate, shipping costs and a delivery date.