The final texture is one of my new favorites created by Jerry Jones of Shadowhouse Creations (SkeletalMess on Flickr) which is a canvas/burlap type of texture. I’ve used this one number of times, its very cool. My last texture layer was set to Soft Light 100%.



The final adjustment I made to this image for this tutorial was to darken the entire top of the photo. I did that by selecting half the image, filling that selection with black. I selected that layer, clicked the quick layer mask and used the gradation tool to fill it will a horizontal gradation – black to white. That layer was set to Multiply, 39% Opacity.


ANOTHER NOTE: One thing to keep in mind especially if you are new to post processing and layers — the layer order and the order of this tutorial is not necessarily the same order used to create the image. This is just the final layer setup in Photoshop for my completed image.

During the design process, production process or whatever you want to call it, layers are moved up or move down and layer setting are changed often – its very important to experiment with how the layers effect each other and how the different setting effect the overall image.

This is also where being organized comes in – I often save layers in groups, duplicate a group and experiment with different setting to see which gives me the best result. Or I save the file at various points so I can go back if necessary to a version that I liked before I started to “experiment” – some experiments don’t go so well!

The final image was taken a couple steps further…

I mentioned at the top of this tutorial that there is what I would consider a very harsh bright light on the left hand side of the photo.

To minimize that I added a layer above the photo layer, then used my brush to brush in some black on the mid to lower left side, between the pots and some on the very foreground of the image. I blurred that considerably and set the layer to Soft Light with an Opacity of 50%.

I then duplicated some of the very first main texture layer, placed it above that painted layer and set that to Soft Light 100% opacity.

Finally I cropped the entire image and my final image I titled Three Sisters looked like this:

Three Sisters

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